Over the years, Xiao-i has established itself as an industry leader in conversational AI technology and has been consistently recognized by global research institute Gartner as a leading player in Conversational+.

By leveraging the rich data resources and experience accumulated over years of corporate development, Xiao-i applies its conversational AI technology across a range of industry sectors.

Xiao-i's conversational AI technologies

Natural language processing
Xiao-i's patented technology combines a natural language processing engine with our conversational analysis processes.
Deep semantic interaction
Xiao-i's human-machine interaction can provide more than responses to simple queries. Under specific circumstances it can automatically connect the context to carry out a deep semantic interaction.
Voiceprint recognition
Xiao-i uses a combination of mainstream mixed-deep artificial neural networks and voiceprint coding to support the high concurrency and deep integration of acoustic and language models across multiple languages and domains.
Image recognition
Xiao-i's highly accurate facial recognition software can obtain an accuracy of up to 99.7%. It also has the capability to support optical character recognition such as documents, bills and contract instruments; natural scene recognition such as pedestrians, vehicles and animals; as well as image recognition for specific scenes such as medical images and driving signs.
Machine learning and big data
Xiao-i's AI technologies are capable of applying algorithms from a variety of business situations and turning them into highly customized and experienced intelligent models for specific commercial purposes. These models facilitate the creation of an efficient human-machine learning system and tool platform. With such an extensive accumulation of data, Xiao-i also provides an external service interface to autonomously develop a range of big data applications, such as data-mining and visualisation platforms, interactive queries and the creation of user profiles.