The RPA E-commerce Robot: A "Game-Changer" in E-commerce Operations

In today's world, refined management of e-commerce business is crucial for e-commerce operators looking to gain a competitive edge. From products, orders, and marketing to procurement, inventory, sales, and after-sales services, as well as logistics, financial management, and other business processes, e-commerce companies often involve a multitude of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks such as data collection, data migration, and form filling. Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) effectively addresses two major challenges faced by e-commerce companies: human resources and business optimization.

RPA is increasingly recognized as a top investment priority for enterprises as a "digital employee" solution. From an application perspective, RPA is expanding its scenarios into more industries and use cases, exhibiting a more vertical integration trend.

To further meet the needs of automating complex business processes for enterprises, RPA is integrating deeply with AI, low-code, and cloud-native technologies, while reducing implementation and operating costs. Consequently, AI capabilities have become a standard feature of RPA software products, enabling RPA to handle more sophisticated automation tasks, such as unstructured data processing and intelligent interactions.

Xiao-I Corporation (Nasdaq: AIXI) leverages its advantages in the research and development of Natural Language Processing (“NLP”), Artificial Intelligence and General Computing (“AIGC”), and large language models in the field of artificial intelligence to develop an RPA e-commerce robot that can replace human labor and efficiently complete tasks such as web page clicking, system entry, and table information extraction. By combining the application scenarios in the field of e-commerce operations, supply chain management, technological development, and industrial data, the robot can help businesses automate repetitive, tedious, and labor-intensive tasks in various e-commerce operations, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

With the capabilities of office automation and AI technology, Xiao-I RPA outperforms humans in efficiency and accuracy, freeing employees from repetitive work and allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks. It not only empowers various scenarios in the e-commerce industry but also drives the intelligent transformation of human resource services, supply chain management, finance and accounting, and IT services across multiple fields.