Xiao-I Contributes to the Annual China AI Industry IP Rights White Paper, Setting Standards for AI Advancement

SHANGHAI, China (September 1, 2023) -- Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ: AIXI) ("Xiao-I" or the "Company"), a leading cognitive artificial intelligence ("AI") enterprise in China, has demonstrated its leadership in the AI sector by actively participating in the creation of the annual China AI Industry Intellectual Property (“IP”) Rights White Paper (the “White Paper”).

The White Paper offers clear definitions of AI technologies and classification criteria, systematic analysis of AI-related IP rights, and specific measures for IP right protection. It holds a special focus on patent analysis within the foundational, perceptual-cognitive, and industry application layers of AI. By analyzing technology trends and patent landscapes across these perspectives, the White Paper provides a comprehensive view of AI's development within the industry ecosystem.

Additionally, the White Paper concentrates on IP management within AI enterprises. It encompasses valuable patent cultivation, strategies to navigate overseas examination regulations, handling essential patents and risk management. Practical recommendations are also provided to aid industry players in their operations.

The White Paper, was a collaborative effort of over 20 AI research institutes and technology companies, including the Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (“AIIA”). It stands as a cornerstone for setting benchmarks and guiding the direction of AI development in China. Known for its authoritative statistical data and analytical conclusions, the White Paper maintains transparency by openly sharing patent retrieval methodologies, data sources, and more, while also expanding its coverage to include patents in emerging sectors like smart media and the smart city.

Mr. Yuan Hui, Chairman, and CEO of Xiao-I, remarked, “The White Paper was compiled based on a list of actual problems that AI enterprises like Xiao-I encountered in daily operations. Xiao-I's participation in this White Paper shows our commitment to fostering collaboration, advancing AI industry standards, and driving innovation while safeguarding IP rights.”

For more information about the China AI Industry IP Rights White Paper, please visit http://www.ai-research.online or contact jinhai.ma@ai-research.cn.

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