Xiao-I Hua Zang LLM Assists in Digital Intelligence Transformation of Call Centers

As an important part of enterprise customer service, intelligent call centers are undergoing a profound digital intelligence transformation. With Hua Zang, Xiao-I (Nasdaq:AIXI) can help call centers achieve automated and intelligent management and operation, thereby improving efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Hua Zang serves as a one-stop platform for large language model training, optimization, and application development, catering to external customer service lifecycle management and internal services for organizations, departments, and employees. It also provides intelligent big data analysis services, adeptly capturing user needs from interactive information. The Hua Zang management platform is an important tool for Xiao-I to realize intelligent call center applications.

As part of efforts to explore commercial applications, Xiao-I released Hua Zang Large Language Model on June 29 this year, successfully addressing the three major challenges posed by the global foundation models. Subsequently, Xiao-I is working to commercialize the technology in diverse fields and projects.

In the field of live streaming e-commerce, Xiao-I has developed 3D digital models and RPA e-commerce robots, as an innovative solution to drive cost reduction and gain efficiency improvements in the industry; In the intelligent hardware sector, Xiao-I will collaborate with strategic partners to create therapeutic smart speakers and assist in the development of a foundation model ecosystem. Furthermore, in terms of government and enterprise services, Xiao-I will contribute digital intelligence capability to optimizing and improving the business environment, with enhancements to the city level policy implementation platform .

Looking ahead, Xiao-I will continue to collaborate with numerous partners to forge a more intelligent and efficient future, bringing smarter AI solutions to thousands of industries.