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Outbound Calling Machine

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Outbound Calling Machine
Outbound Calling Machine is designed to meet the requirements of primary-level governments and small and medium-sized enterprises for data security and the authority of outbound calls. The Solution has a complete set of smart outbound call system built-in, which uses existing customer office telephone line to make phone calls, ensuring the authority of the telephone call. Besides, all software and hardware are deployed locally, without connecting to WAN; the outbound call list and call logs are all at local machine, ensuring data security. Additionally, the simple and easy-to-use user interface can modify the script, upload the list, and download the results. It only takes three steps to complete the outbound call task.
Application secnarios

Epidemic controls

Subdistrict / neighborhood committee epidemic controls

Home quarantine follow-up

Vaccination notification

Community services

Physical examination notification for the elderly

Regular return visits of community hospitals

Telecom anti-fraud publicity

Floating population survey of the police station

Tax services

Tax declaration by tax authority

Branch of banks

Car services

Customer care and notification from 4S shops

Other organizations

Core Competences

Automatic outbound call platform, Efficient task

Strong semantic interaction capability, Fast adaptation to call service

High accuracy of speech recognition, Greatly improve recognition accuracy

Support multi-timbral synthesis, Smooth in speech synthesis

Let's see the preponderances
Authority of telephone line
AI brain
Data security
Simple operation
Efficient working
Fast deployment

Authority of telephone line


Use the existing office telephones in the community to ensure the authority of the call

Application values of Outbound Calling Machine Solution
Benefits of a neighborhood committee after using Outbound Calling Machine
Save manpower
Increase efficiency
Improve satisfaction

Within half a year, nearly 50,000 outbound calls were made successfully under scenarios like vaccination, emergently epidemiological investigation, school graduates materials review notification, physical examination notifications for the elderly, which equals to saving 500 people for 1 working day.

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