Customer contact center has become one of the largest service industries, covering various sectors. It has been integrating with latest technologies. We can observe the following new trends in future customer contact centers: increasing needs of digitalization from both online and offline, more difficult system integration, hard to tailor knowledge classification, and growing needs of data cleansing, analysis and mining.

Customer Contact Centers

Pain Points

Demanding customers

Complex businesses

Increasing costs

Best Road to the Future: Embracing AI

Xiao-i Provides Series of Smart Solutions for Customer Contact Center

Leveraging on cognitive intelligence technologies with natural language processing as the core, Xiao-i builds smart knowledge fusion platform for the customer contact centers, supporting services and operational supporting tools. Series of smart solutions are offered, and the three levels of smart upgrading services are completed. Through the progressive intelligent service, Xiao-i robot will help customer contact centers to improve operational performance, realize the scalability of service capabilities, and achieve sustainable development in the era of digitalization.

Series of Smart Solutions

With thousands of successful use cases, Xiao-i has covered various sectors including government, telecom, banking, aviation, and traveling, empowering the upgrading of smart customer contact centers.