The landscape of the financial industry varies from time to time, along with technology advancement and policy adjustment.

Facing fierce competition in the market of financial service, financial institutions try to stand out with differentiated strategies, sustainable development, and digital transformation. Empowering finance with AI can boost efficiency and also upgrade the whole industry.

Xiao-i's Strengths in the Financial Industry

Xiao-i has served hundreds of financial institutions, covering banking, insurance, securities, funds, Internet finance, etc. Based on abundant successful experience in applying AI in the financial industry, Xiao-i offers a full stack of smart solutions with efficient implementation, empowering the digital transformation of financial institutions.

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Application Scenarios

One-stop solution for service, marketing, risk management, operation, etc.


Omni-channel smart customer service, smart marketing, App voice navigation, IVR voice service, Outbound call reminder


Virtual staff


Smart knowledge integration platform, agent assistant, online human-bot collaboration, smart training system


Physical robot, internal assistant

Use Cases