Xiao-i is one of the global AI industrialization leading companies focusing on cognitive intelligence.

Six Core Technologies

Deeply Cultivate Various AI Technology Fields

Natural Language Processing
Affective Computing
Computer Vision
Speech Processing
Machine Learning
Data Intelligence and Hyper Automation

Nine Core Platforms

Explore High Potential Industry Market

Conversational AI Platform

Knowledge Fusion Platform

Intelligent Voice Platform

Hyper Automation Platform

Data Intelligence Platform

Intelligent Construction Support Platform

Visual Analysis Platform

Intelligent Hardware Support Platform

Metaverse Platform

Empower Multiple Industries

Explore High Potential Industry Market


Customer Contact Center

Xiao-i leverages its cognitive intelligence related technology with natural language processing as the core to help users realize intelligent service upgrade at three levels, to help Customer Contact Center improve operational performance efficiency, to achieve scalable service capabilities with sustainable development under intelligent revolutions in the future.

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Urban Public Service











Industry Position

In the <i>“Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends”</i>, Gartner points out that Xiao-i, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Echo are the representatives of the global dialogue system.

In the field of commercial intelligent customer service, the market share of Xiao-i achieves a high ranking.

Xiao-i has mastered the core competence in the field of NLP, and remained as one of the leading enterprises in terms of capability quadrant and revenue.

Xiao-i was awarded the 9th Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress Award.

Xiao-i News

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Customers and Partners

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