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Xiao-I has been focusing on the continuous innovation and breakthroughs in its core technologies related to cognitive intelligence based on natural language processing. Aiming for the large-scale implementation and commercialization of original patents and achievements as our development goal.
Our Value
Be individual altruism, be customer-centered
Our mission
Serve and benefit more people with our AI technology
Years of Technology Accumulation
Pieces of Authorized Patents
Pieces of Software Copyrights
Application Scenarios and Customer Use Cases
(As of Jan.10, 2024)
  • 2001
    Xiao-I was established in Shanghai, China
    Leading the core track in Cognitive Intelligence
  • 2004
    Xiao-I took the lead in launching a chatbot globally)
    Chinese invention patent “A Chatbot System” (ZL200410053749.9)
    Pioneering the forefront of chatbot technology
  • 2006-2011
    Xiao-I is the first to apply chatbot technology to intelligent customer service
    Successfully implemented dozens of typical cases for government and enterprise customers
    Pioneer in the commercialization of Artificial Intelligence
  • 2011-2022
    Xiao-I accelerates benchmark replication, upgrading the full chain of intelligent customer service products and diverse solutions
    Successfully implemented AI+ Architecture solutions, and took the lead in creating industry-standard benchmark use cases for applications
    Serving thousands of large and medium-sized enterprises, accumulating thousands of application scenarios
    Possesses outstanding commercialization ability
    Established APAC headquarters in Hong Kong and paving the way for overseas market expansion
    Dominating thousands of industries, achieving large-scale commercial implementation
  • 2023 to Present
    Xiao-I is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock market, establishing subsidiary companies in the United States
    Embark on a new journey towards globalization
    Officially launched the Hua Zang Universal LLM, shaping the technological foundation of the next generation of AI
    Pioneer of the Hua Zang Ecosystem, successfully achieving the implementation of dozens of co-creation achievements
    Continuously expanding to over a thousand ecosystem partners, covering over 50 industries
    Leading the path in commercialization of AI, and pioneering a new era of AI
200120042006-20112011-20222023 to Present

Industry Position

In the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017, Gartner points out that Xiao-i, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Echo are the representatives of the global dialogue system.

In the Frost & Sullivan “Global Artificial Intelligence independent market research report” in November 2018, it points out that “In the domain of commercial intelligent customer service, Xiao-i has secured a high market share, solidifying its leading position.”

In the report of China AI Software Startups Ready to Roll in 2018, CLSA (Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia) points out that “Xiao-i has established a core competency in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), maintaining its status as one of the leading enterprises in both the capability quadrant and revenue generation.”

Xiao-i was awarded the 9th Wu Wen-jun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress Award.

News Information

Video Clips of EventsLatest Updates of Xiao-I

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XINHUA NEWS AGENCY Reporting: “Controllable, Customizable, and Deliverable”. A Chinese high-tech company released a universal language model.

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