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Xiao-I Hua Zang Large Language Model Press Conference Highlights: Xiao-i adheres to its mission of driving the world towards a brighter future

From being the first to release a commercial chatbot in the world to now launching Xiao-I Hua Zang Large Language Model to empower the global ecosystem, Xiao-I has been adhering to its dream and mission, to serve and benefit more people with our AI technology. China’s innovative spirit will lead us to the future and create miracles.

XINHUA NEWS AGENCY Reporting: “Controllable, Customizable, and Deliverable”. A Chinese high-tech company released a universal language model.

On June 29, Xiao-I Corporation (Nasdaq:AIXI) released its advanced Large Language Model “Hua Zang(华藏)”. The model, analogous to an operating system, have features of “Controllable, Customizable, and Deliverable” and is built on Xiao-I's robust platform capabilities and designed to empower Finance, Public Service, Healthcare, Construction, Electricity, etc. and various industries.

CCTV News Channel Reporting: 2023 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference

On March 30th, Max Yuan, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Xiao-i Corporation, participated the sub-forum of "Next Generation Internet" at 2023 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference and delivered important opinions. According to the reporting by CCTV news channel "Morning News", Max pointed out his unique perspectives on the Metaverse, Information Technology development, and evolution of the internet. Click the video below for more details :