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Xiao-I Secures Placement in the 2023 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises List

On November13, 2023 , the China National Intellectual Property Administration officially announced the 2023 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise List, Xiao-I garners the title of “National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise”.

As a leading AI industrialization enabler with cognitive intelligence as its core, Xiao-I has been officially validated [SPB2] through the “Intellectual Property Management System” certification, which manifests in its pivotal role in multiple major national and Shanghai local science and technology projects. Xiao-I places great importance to intellectual property protection and has a comprehensive intellectual property risk management and dispute response infrastructure, complemented by a professional team.

At the forefront of innovation and continuous R&D investment, Xiao-I has set up [SPB3] four R&D centers located in Shanghai, Guiyang, Nanjing, and Hong Kong. With 214 R&D personnel as of Mar.31, 2023, [WU4] [WU5]  Xiao-I has also reached external cooperation with over 50 industry experts.

Xiao-I has published over 200 papers in prestigious conferences and journals, including more tchan 20 class A papers, ranking ahead of the industry. Besides, Xiao-I has dominated the  first international standard for AI Affective Computing in China, [WU6] [WU7]  and has been acknowledged through more than 120 AI awards, including the “Wu Wen Jun AI Science & Technology Award,” the highest recognition of China’s intelligent science & technology realm.

Being selected into the 2023 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises List shows that Xiao-I is recognized as a leader in the AI industry with its ability in intellectual property creation, application, and protection. This authoritative recognition manifests Xiao-I’s intellectual property management, highlighting Xiao-I’s excellent innovation strength and core competitiveness.