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Xiao-I Attended 2023 Shanghai Macao Science and Technology Innovation Dialogue

The "2023 Shanghai Macao Science and Technology Innovation Dialogue" was successfully held on November 29th at Shanghai Science Hall. Renowned experts and entrepreneurs in the field of science and technology innovation from Shanghai and Macao  jointly attended this event. Ms. Xu Yiya, Senior Vice President of Xiao-I Corporation ("Xiao-I"), was invited to participate and deliver a presentation on the advancements of the Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model ("Hua Zang LLM") and its ecosystem. The objective was to empower ecological partners across diverse industries in Macao with Hua Zang LLM, fostering co-creation opportunities and achieving mutually beneficial results.

During the keynote speech, which focused on the topic of "Application of AI and Sustainable Development Technology", Ms. Xu delivered a speech with the theme of "Building a New Business Ecology and Enhancing the Commercialization for Shanghai and Macao".

Ms. Xu emphasized that Xiao-I officially launched the Hua Zang Ecosystem on October 26th and showcased the co-creation achievements with numerous ecosystem partners based on Hua Zang LLM. She expressed the intention to establish close collaboration with Macao’s ecological partners across various industries, aiming to promote the AI application scenarios in key areas such as public services, tourism, education, smart parks and other fields in Macao. The objective is to achieve mutual development and growth.

Macao has experienced strong and rapid development in the fields of higher education and scientific research. "I hope to enhance communication and foster exchange with universities and research institutions in Macao, not only in talent cultivation but also in industrialization implementation. This will enable us to engage in more extensive and close cooperation, ultimately promoting the shared development of the industrial ecology in both Shanghai and Macao," said Ms. Xu.

Ms. Xu emphasized that "The core principle behind Hua Zang LLM and its ecosystem is to provide widespread benefits, as it is through this approach that the industry as a whole can truly thrive." Xiao-I is well-positioned to leverage its advanced technology and extensive experience in AI commercialization to drive technological innovation and foster collaborative exchanges between Shanghai and Macao. Moreover, Xiao-I is committed to forging partnerships with more industrial ecological partners to achieve mutual development!

Pic Source: 2023 Shanghai Macao Science and Technology Innovation Dialogue