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Xiao-I was Awarded the “Golden Sound Award” for the 2023 China Best Large Language Model Intelligent Service Application Innovation Award

The 2023 (16th) Golden Sound Award - China Best Customer Contact Center & Customer Experience Award Ceremony and International Summit took place in Shanghai on December 14th and 15th. Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ: AIXI) ("Xiao-I") was awarded the 2023 China Best Large Language Model Intelligent Service Application Innovation Award. Mr. Xiao Xiupeng, Vice President of Xiao-I, was invited to attend the summit and delivered a keynote speech, introducing the innovative achievements of Xiao-I’s large language model in empowering the call center industry.

Mr. Xiao highlighted that Xiao-I has devoted over 20 years to cognitive intelligence. With extensive accumulation and independent R&D, Xiao-I unveiled the Hua Zang, a highly advanced model renowned for its "controllability, customizability, and deliverability" to the world. It possesses cross-domain and cross-modal knowledge, enabling it to comprehend, process, and generate complex text and image data. Moreover, it encompasses over a hundred application-level abilities based on four fundamental abilities: language comprehension, logical reasoning, content creation, and professional tools.

According to Mr. Xiao, Hua Zang has made significant achievements in various fields. In the manufacturing field, it has successfully utilized product information for knowledge construction. In the government field, it has constructed cross-lingual and multi-capability large language models based on government websites. In the maternal and child field, it has provided intelligent Q&A services on maternal and infant knowledge and AI sleep analysis. Moreover, it has played an important role in facilitating the implementation of research and analysis processes in the financial industry.

During the meeting, Mr. Xiao emphasized the application and product architecture of Xiao-I AICC and highlighted the significance of the business middle platform and knowledge factory. The business middle platform aims to streamline the user experience, enhance management efficiency, improve data security, boost development efficiency, and increase platform flexibility. The knowledge factory can support the acquisition and editing of multiple types of knowledge, enabling effective knowledge management across multiple products.

At this summit, Xiao-I was honored with the 2023 China Best Large Language Model Intelligent Service Application Innovation Award, showcasing the innovative practice cases of Hua Zang. From call centers to customer contact centers, customer experience has always been the core of intelligent services, with customers and ecosystem partners serving as integral components of Hua Zang ecosystem. Looking forward, Hua Zang will continue to foster connections among global partners, customers and developers, leading the way in the commercial monetization path of the AI industry!