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Xiao-I at CBN Program “Shu Xin Feng”: Harnessing Large Language Model to Propel New Industrialization and Propel Manufacturing Great Power into Manufacturing Powerhouse

The recent episode of China Business Network(CBN) “Shu Xin Feng” delves into the exploration of “How Large Language Model Revolutionize Industrial Manufacturing”. Ms. Xu Yiya, Senior Vice President of Xiao-I Corporation (Nasdaq: AIXI), was invited to share her view on the large language model (“LLM”) empowering the industrial field and promoting new industrialization.

Pic Source: CBN “Shu Xin Feng ” Live

Ms. Xu emphasized that LLM will reshape the global manufacturing industry’s competitive landscape, and promote digital intelligence within industrial enterprises, fostering a shift from conventional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, thereby greatly enhancing their global core competitiveness. At the same time, LLM will permeate research and development design, production process, quality management, operation control, marketing services, organizational coordination, and operation management in the industrial domain, triggering a new efficiency revolution.

Ms. Xu emphasized that LLM unlocks future possibilities in AI, and Xiao-I will continue to focus on cognitive intelligence. Moreover, stressing the importance of each country possessing its own LLM so does China, she positions LLM competition as not just a tool-level rivalry, but a contest among industrial manufacturing powers and major powers, akin to a national treasure. Ms. Xu asserts, “For Chinese manufacturing enterprises to go globally and transform manufacturing great powers into a manufacturing powerhouse, actively adoption of intelligent technology is imperative.”

From the parallel development of industrialization and informatization to the breakthrough of cross-digitization and intelligence, it is even more important to form a healthy ecosystem today. Following the industrial internet’s evolution, we should promote collaborative success. With Hua Zang committed to ecological development, the aim is to foster a thriving ecology, facilitate ecological cooperation, and pave the way for a future defined by digital intelligence.