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Yingxionghui Visits Xiao-I to Jointly Explore the Landing and Commercial Realization of the AI Industry in the New Era

Yingxionghui visits Xiao-I during the AI+ Industry Shanghai Conference which was held recently.  [Yingxionghuiis a program dedicated to cultivating high-tech, high-growth, and high-return entrepreneurial projects. It focuses on three major tracks: new technology, new economy, and new consumption. ].  Both parties exchanged views on AI commercial monetization including Xiao-I’s Hua Zang and its ecosystem and enterprise digital intelligence solutions.

Ms. Fan, partner of Eagles Fund, delivered an opening speech, pointing out that one of the essences of developing AI lies in commercial monetization. [Ms. Fan also said that] Xiao-I not only sticks to technological innovation, but also has made remarkable achievements in commercial monetization.

Ms. Xu, Senior Vice President of Xiao-I, comprehensively introduced the application scenarios of Xiao-I’s Hua Zang in marketing, education, healthcare, finance, industrial manufacturing, and other fields. Emphasizing that intellectual property is the result of scientific and technological innovation and the core asset of the brand, she highlighted that scientific and technological innovation promotes brand development, and brand supports scientific and technological innovation. Ms. Xu stated that brand, intellectual property and sci-tech innovation complement one another and are indispensable.

Mr. Wen, Senior Director of Hua Zang Ecological Service of Xiao-I, elaborated in detail on Hua Zang’s core features, ecological architecture system, and service mode. Additionally, Mr. Wen also introduced dozens of co-where Hua Zang has helped Xiao-I’s partners achieve further [AI] [1] commercial monetization in vertical fields. In the near future, Mr. Wen believes that Xiao-I’s Hua Zang will continue to collaborate with many ecological partners to co-create impactful solutions covering over 50 industry sectors.

Mr. Wang, Director of RPA Department of Xiao-I, gave a speech on enterprise digital intelligence solutions and commercial implementation with a focus on “autonomous intelligent agents.” During this discourse, he shared the fully automated AI platform driven by Xiao-I’s autonomous AI, as well as the application cases of autonomous intelligent agents, including automated email marketing, automated product listing, and the one-click automatic generation of industry research reports.

In collaborative exchange of thematic insights and interactive discourse, both Yingxionghui and Xiao-I shared valuable experiences on AI empowering industries and accelerating commercial landing. This partnership will continue exploring new business monetization paradigms in the new era of AI.