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Xiao-I Obtained Another Chinese Invention Patent Authorization

Recently, Xiao-I has obtained yet another Chinese invention patent authorization because of its advantage in cognitive intelligence technology, showing its deep scientific and technological innovation strength.

Xiao-I patent “Method and Device for Determining Interaction Intention, Computer Equipment and Storage Media” has been awarded an invention patent certificate with patent number ZL22010443301.7.

A method and device for determining interaction intention, computer device and storage medium, the affective interaction method comprises: obtaining user data; obtaining user’s emotional state; determine intention information based on at least the user data, wherein the intention information includes emotional intentions corresponding to the emotional state, and the emotional intentions include emotional needs of the emotional state. Using emotional intentions in interactions with users can make the interaction process more humane and improve the user experience.

As of December 29, 2023, Xiao-I has obtained 317 authorized patents (including 226 Chinese invention patents and 28 overseas invention patents), 137 software copyright registrations, 247 registered trademarks, and 16 work registrations.