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Industry Pain Point

There will be huge workload and time consuming if we only rely on the manual drawing review.
At present, there is no market-oriented software available designed for Smart Drawing Review.

Project Results

Release working pressure of the drawing reviewer, shorten project lead time, cut down cost of drawing review.

Bring convenience and high efficiency, realize immediate review, keep tracking, easy to supervise and data sharing.

To build up the foundation of industry digitization.

Our Strength

Xiao-i depend our existing core technologies to deep dive into the field of Architectural Design to accumulate the industry related resources and experiences. We provide professional AI+ Drawing Review Solution for our customers in the field of Smart Drawing Review as a breakthrough.Based on the Cognitive Intelligence Core Technology Platform with self-owned intellectual property rights, Xiao-i leverages our core ed technologies including: Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Image Shape Processing, Pattern Recognition, Image Segmentation, Image Target Detection, Path Planning and OCR technology to combine with the solid industry experiences of Architectural Design, thus to develop its AI based Smart Drawing Review products.We help to realize whole process automation and smart drawing review to enable the construction industry to dramatically reduce drawing review costs, improve drawing review efficiency, and therefore to empower the entire industry chain, support cross-organization collaboration for drawing check and review.

Product and Solution Support

Smart Drawiing Review