Industry Pain Points

The digitization of online and offline government services and the volume of online business is increasing year by year.
Business knowledge requirements are high, iteration update is frequent, and rapid response is required.
Epidemic may lead to demand of oversized concurrency in short-term.
Multiple systems are isolated from database, which makes multi-source data aggregation and analysis hard to implement.

Our Strength

In 2006, Xiao-i started to provide government with AI+ solutions and has created the AI Chatbot, "Mr. Hyde of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission", for Shanghai Science and Technology Commission to handle Chinese government affairs, which pioneered the megatrend of smart government services in China. We provided specialized human-machine interaction solutions to serve different government service domains such as Government Hotlines, Taxation, Civil Aqffairs, Industry and Commerce, Human Resources and Social Security, Quality Supervision and other government services.

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Case Background
In a city with millions of resident population, the government hotline receives daily inquiries over 30,000 times, and it has a wide range of other functions, including:
  • Handle inquiries to be answered by government departments
  • Meet demands to be addressed by government departments
  • Handle complaints of dissatisfaction with the work of the administrative advices and suggestions for government work, etc.
Pain Point
  • Rely on single business process and service channel
  • Unstable service quality by different personnel, which is not guaranteed
  • High turnover of agent personnel, and rising of labor costs
  • Information service demand is growing, but the service capacity of the original service model is limited
  • Optimize the user interface of the original AI Chatbot, enrich the business scenarios, provide 24/7 services that cover all the general public inquiries to significantly reduce the cost of manpower.
  • Improve the capability and content of the original knowledge base, provide digital transformation training for staff to enhance the capability of human agents. Sort out multiple IVR scenarios, reduce the required key interaction steps, and create a human language IVR interaction to reduce time and cost of interaction.
  • Sort out multiple IVR scenarios, reduce the required key interaction steps, and create a human language IVR interaction to reduce time and cost of interaction.
  • Build Smart Outbound Call interaction scenarios according to the outbound call task and target, and execute active outbound calls and revisit surveys, which significantly reduced manpower and the labor costs.
  • Build a Smart Agent Assistant, match the appropriate script guidance according to the real-time identified dialogue content, call the appropriate work order template, and automatically fill in the work order content according to the collected work order elements, so as to reduce the workload of human agents and training difficulty.
Project Results
  • Handled and completed around 100,000 monthly conversation sessions, and accumulated hundreds of interactions. covering basically all general enquiries from citizens.
  • Effectively reduced the error rate of human agents and significantly improved service efficiency.
Note: The above data is provided based on the actual statistics from customer.