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Industry Pain Points

Customers demand a more personalized, diverse and interactive service experience, while maintaining the expectation of a higher problem solving efficiency with better customer service experience.
The complexity, diversity, and variability of the business is a big challenge for customer service centers to shorten the response time, reduce training costs, and increase problem solving rates.
Labor costs constantly increase, while the cost of talent reserves and training remains high.
It is difficult to leverage the large amount of data of customer interaction to gain insights from customer needs.

Our Strength

Through natural language processing technology as the core, Xiao-i provides a variety of Cognitive Intelligence related technologies including AI Chatbot, Intelligent Knowledge Management, and assorted intelligent service related operational tools to help our customers achieve three levels of smart service upgrade:

Improve Operational Performance
Achieve Scalability Service Capabilities
Achieve Sustainable Development Under Future Intelligent Transformation

For service centers at different levels, Xiao-i can provide Omni-channel online smart solutions, Smart IVR solutions, smart solutions for human-machine collaboration, intelligent data operation and other solutions. According to the scale and characteristics of customer base, Xiao-i also launched an enterprise-level model for large enterprises, and an smart cloud contact center service model for small and medium-sized enterprises. The AIPO business model based on the entire outsourcing of the service center are provided in combination with the overall service center personnel operation, data operation, AI operation, etc.

Reach customers through omni-channel
Integrate multiple channels such as telephone, APP, official website, social media, and mini programs to provide Omni-channel smart services, releasing the pressure of human agents and catering user preferences over different channels by providing a variety of interactive service experiences, so as to improve customer service operation efficiency, and enhance better customer experience.
icon Reach customers through omni-channel
Human-machine collaboration empowers service agent
A variety of mature solutions include Intelligent knowledge Management, Smart Coach, Smart Agent Assistant, Intelligent Communication Integration Solution, etc. Use script recommendation, process guidance, smart coaching, intelligent knowledge recommendation, etc. to empower human agents and help them quickly respond to customer requirements, improve problem solving rate, and shorten service time and improve customer satisfaction.
icon Human-machine collaboration empowers service agent
Digital intelligent operation management
Provide intelligent big data analysis services to help enterprises understand customer expectations and requirements, gain insights from the voice of customers (VOCs), and improve products and services for enterprises.
icon Digital intelligent operation management

Product and Solution Support

AI Chatbot

Smart Outbound Call

Smart Agent Assistant

Intelligent Knowledge Management

Smart Coach

Live Chat

Business Case Sharing

Case One
Case Two
Case Three

Xiao-i facilitates the digitization of customer service center in a Hong Kong local telecom company.

Through leveraging customer service resources of the mentioned telecom company with new technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Xiao-i established an Intelligent Knowledge Management and created an AI Chatbot with Live Chat System to convert the existing "Self-service + Manual" model to a "Smart + Self-service" model. We successfully create a smart, anthropomorphic and convenient customer service experience and upgrade the AI integration for its customer service center.

Service models change along with times. The digitization of customer service is imminent.

Xiao-i proudly utilized its strengths in the field of Artificial Intelligence and built up the Intelligent Knowledge Management and AI Chatbot for the above telecom company. It empowers agents and staff to work in an effective way of document searching and chat in Hong Kong dialect. This greatly improved the service efficiency of the customer service center and reduced operation costs. It successfully supported the telecom company to deal with their customer inquiries effectively, and expand the scope of services with improved service quality.