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Industry Pain Points

Complex and complicated enterprise internal processes, low efficiency of process management and weak transformation.
Enterprises rely on a single service method and narrow channel coverage, which limits the improvement of resolution rate and customer satisfaction.
Diverse and scattered internal business knowledge and lack of unified management.
Low efficiency of internal knowledge sharing among employees and high training costs for employees.

Our Strength

Through the practical experience in hundreds of large enterprises, Xiao-i has accumulated a large-scale domain semantic library, which can profoundly integrate with and serve enterprises in industries of Finance, Electricity, Telecommunication, Logistics, 3C Manufacturing, Automobile, Retail, Real Estate. It helps enterprises to provide quality customer service externally, but also improve company management efficiency internally. It has reduced a large amount of labor costs and enhanced the core competency of enterprises in the era of AI. Xiao-i offers SaaS Service Model in addition to a variety of solutions for private local deployment.

Product and Solution Support

AI Chatbot
Live Chat
Smart Coach
Intelligent Knowledge Management
Smart Outbound Call
Smart Agent Assistant

Business Case Sharing

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Case Three

Xiao-i business principal: Simplified complexity, intimate service, and customer satisfaction.

Xiao-i built an AI Chatbot for a large theme park in Hong Kong,providing customers with facilities inquiry, online consultation, tickets purchase and other services through online channels. It met the needs of customers in multiple scenarios and greatly reduced the pressure on its customer service department. It also helped to reduce maintenance costs in later period, enhance user flexibility and improve customer satisfaction.