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Industry Pain Points

External: The rapid business growth brings out the imbalanced supply and demand of service resources between customer demands. More intelligent technologies are required to reduce the pressure of service operation to improve the service experience for enterprises and customers.
Internal: Financial enterprises lacks intelligent technologies to manage a large volume of data for their business development. Enterprises are facing the risk of high staff turnover rate and employee management and training cost.
On-line: The upcoming Metaverse era has led to a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory on line service model, which requires highly advanced technologies and applications to realize more personalized service experiences for the new generation.
Offline: A more intelligent service platform is required by the traditional service network and staff to provide high-quality and convenient services for customers.

Our Strength

After more than ten years of accumulating and depositing in the field of AI+ Finance market, Xiao-i has served hundreds of financial institutions, and deeply understands all kinds of financial business scenarios such as banking, insurance, securities, funds and online finance. Xiao-i has built up a lot of successful use cases of AI integrated financial business scenarios with competitive capabilities of implementing and operating full-stack digital products, which facilitated lots of financial institutions to realize comprehensive digital transformation.

Product and Solution Support


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Case One
Case Two
One of the largest global bank in Hong Kong and having the authority to issue Hong Kong Dollars.
Pain Point
  • With the continuous expansion of the bank service and the tremendous growth of the business volume, the existing customer service team cannot meet the increasing service demands. The online inquiry service experience needs to be improved, and the customer service agent cannot handle a large number of customer inquiries in the same time, which increases the service pressure from manpower.
  • The bank's internal knowledge and business system are huge and complicated, so it takes time for newly on-board customer service agent to learn and work.
  • AI Chatbots: AI Chatbots with the core technology of NLP, providing tailor-made service for different customer, and can deliver all-day, multi-service, systematical, and standard services for our customers. At the same time, it reduces the online waiting time for customer and releases the pressure of human service agents.
  • Live Chat: When customers raise complex questions to AI Chatbot, they will be transferred to the online customer service agent for follow-up immediately, improving user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
Project Results
  • AI Chatbot can handle 90% of the customer inquiries, diverted most of the customer service agent pressure, so that there’s no need to expand its customer service team, despite of the doubled growth of banking business and volume of service inquiry.
  • AI Chatbot realized the standardized response of cross-department knowledge to customers. It changed the status of different agent to make different points of response, and realizing unified knowledge management and standard reply. AI Chatbot can answer customer inquiries in real time, which greatly improves customer satisfaction and helps to enhance the professional company image of the bank.
Note: The above data is based on the actual statistics from customer.