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Industry Pain Points

The fragmentation of information systems and isolated data islands result in the weak coordination and integration ability of manufacturing enterprises across departments and upstream and downstream enterprises, thus affecting the overall operational efficiency.
Lack of total solution of digitization and intelligent from design, production, management and service
Most of device does not have digital interfaces, so it is difficult to integrate through digital and intelligent tools

Our Strength

Xiao-i’s smart manufacturing solutions can meet the needs of enterprise production and operation from the aspects of design intelligence, production process intelligence, logistics management intelligence, marketing service intelligence, service intelligence and management intelligence, and promote the innovation and transformation of productivity and production and operation.

Xiao-i Smart Manufacturing as Industry Brain

Meet the Needs of Enterprise Production and Operation,Promote the Innovation and Transformation of Productivity and Operation

Product and Solution Support

AI Chatbot

Intelligent Knowledge Management

Intelligent Cloth Inspection System


The Specific Business Case Sharing

A large automotive interior company provides various types and colors of automotive interior fabrics for major automotive manufacturer
Pain Point
  • Manual cloth inspection is slow and inefficient, and long time work will lead to fatigue
  • The manual cloth inspection standard is not uniform and the quality is unstable
  • It is difficult to recruit workers by manual cloth inspection, and the cost of training and labor cost is high
  • Provide a general database of flaw images and a special database for construction, quickly collect image data of different fabrics and flaw types for rapid machine learning
  • Establish a data standard system to classify and position different types of flaw data
  • Provide advanced fabric defect detection algorithm to realize the front edge algorithm to automatically detect multiple defect types and accurately count the image, area, location, size, etc. of the current defect
  • The interface can be customized, the system can be diversified, the detection can be logged, the data can be visualized, and the application can be developed according to the use scenario
  • Provide intelligent fabric flaw integrated equipment solution, integrate with supporting mechanical equipment, and realize intelligent detection
Project Results
  • The intelligent Cloth Inspection System can work for 24/7, which greatly improve the accurate and efficient of cloth inspection
  • Check the report on line and obtain the data at any time
  • Save labor cost and improve production efficiency

Business Case Sharing

Case One
Case Two

Automobile enterprise obtain the benefit through AI empowerment

By building an intelligent knowledge base for an electric automobile enterprise, Xiao-i has systematically solved a series of problems faced by the customer, such as weak knowledge management, difficulties in knowledge empowerment, decentralized knowledge storage, etc., making full use of knowledge in the whole company, and providing strong support for AI Chatbot in WeChat/APP in customer service , and physical robots, etc.