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Industry Pain Points

Large amount of appointments and inquiries from the Outpatient Department, which results in the shortage of health service staff and the overload of hospital operation fails to meet patient’s diversified needs.
Single channel for patients to get access to doctor’s and medicine information with complicated inquiry process, and requires more service guidance on the before-and-after medical treatment service.
The intelligence of data collection and usage in the healthcare industry is still at low level, lack of standard and regulation, and usage rate of cross-hospital documents and the massive medical records is low.

Our Strength

AI+ Healthcare is an important field that Xiao-i is focusing on for recent years. We concentrate on the business application areas of Smart Hospital, Smart Clinical, Smart Scientific Research, Area Operation, Health Management, etc., in combination with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc., to form a Smart Healthcare Service Ecosystem for hospital, citizens, enterprises and the city.Through cooperation with professional medical institutions, we help patients liaise with doctors precisely and rapidly, provide medical assistance for patients throughout every phase of the entire “before-and-after medical treatment service”. We make it easier and timely for patients to visit doctors. Currently, Xiao-i has helped many medical institutions to develop AI related products and solutions including Smart OCR System and Medicine Inquiries Assistance.

Product and Solution Support

AI Chatbot

Smart OCR System

Case One
Case Two
A hospital has operated for over 70 years since its establishment, and it is among the First National Baby Friendly Hospitals, providing professional and high-quality treatment services for women and infants.
Pain Point
  • With the increasing volume of inbound calls and more complicated user-interface on hospital website, it’s inconvenient for the patients to get the answers easily and efficiently.
  • For a large amount of inquiries, the traditional configuration cannot meet the needs and makes the agents overloaded.
  • Long waiting time results in low satisfaction rate of patients.
  • Xiao-i deployed AI Chatbot to WeChat, Alipay and website of the hospital. It helps the customer to improve the efficiency of handling patient’s inquiries, appointments and registration from different channels. Help patients quickly learn about hospital department services, service processes, basic information and appointment registration etc. We provide precise and seamless hospital services for our patients.
Project Results
  • This project has provided hundreds of thousands of Chatbot services for patients instead of human agents, hugely reducing the length of waiting time for users to inquire. It also reduced the handling difficulty of inquiries and improved service satisfaction.
  • Now, the average annual service volume has increased by 3 times while there is no increase on the number of customer service agent.
Note: The above data is based on the actual statistics from customer.