Industry Pain Points

Metaverse is still at early stage. The in-depth insight and technical precipitation of online, digital and virtualized content in various industries are also in the early development stage, and still exist technical bottlenecks.

Our Strength

Xiao-i has core technology advantages in Cognitive Intelligence, and committed to enabling Cognitive Intelligence to all interactive application scenarios of the Metaverse.Xiao-i takes the human-machine interaction interface as the entrance to establish a Metaverse learning system, build a cognitive reasoning system through the learning system, realize digital twins, and promote the integration of reality and virtual. AI is the core of the Metaverse, and Cognitive Intelligence is the core of AI. Xiao-i has been deeply cultivates in the field of Cognitive Intelligence. Xiao-i doesn’t need to "All In", but "Always In" the Metaverse.

Product and Solution Support

Digital Human

Xiao-i X StartCat
Digital Human Project in the Government Affairs Service Hall of a City
Xiao-i World Virtual Space
StarCat is a digital assets developed by Cafe Technology with copyright. Cafe Technology aim to benchmarking BAYC, to create a Chinese super popular IP in Metaverse with business scenario and strong community ecosystem.
Pain Point
  • The market is at the early stage, and the digital assets are homogeneous. Cafe Technology intend to improve their competitive advantage through differentiation.
  • Xiao-i has developed a unique AI interaction function for StarCat, which can complete tasks such as text language recognition and answer, intelligent question search, and emotion recognition.
  • Xiao-i empowered StarCat with the unique AI interaction ability, making it have an interactive "Soul" and different from the digital assets of ordinary static images. The cooperation between Xiao-i and Cafe Technology makes StarCat more dynamic and more widely applicable and unique.
Project Results
  • StarCat has successfully surpassed the other digital assets , because it has gradually been endowed with the ability of "Humanization", the ability of "Natural Language Recognition", and the interesting "Soul" endowed by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Based on this pilot ,Xiao-i has opportunity to work with our partners to scale out this model in the market