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Smart IVR Solution

Automatic understanding, access to users by voice

Xiao-i Smart IVR Solution, with human-machine interaction technology as the core, combines with the business scenarios of enterprises and comprehensively applies AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text to Speech (TTS) and Machine Learning. The virtual chatbot with high IQ and EQ developed by above technologies can empower traditional call centers to achieve voice access to business nodes, improve business capacity of call centers, reduce user waiting time, relieve the pressure of agents, and enhance the efficiency of operation and management.
The solution has been successfully put into use at call centers at many leading financial institutions, government sectors, public institutions, and enterprises.
Core Competency
Flat Menu
Intelligent Call Diversion
Effectively reduce call center operating costs
Cover More Business Nodes
Unified Data
Product Strength
Efficient Process Approval
Massive industry knowledge and business cases make Smart IVR quickly adapt to call center business. According to the real intention of the customer, it automatically switches the response topic, automatically identify the key business information to realize reasoning response, and actively remind the user to supplement the missing information.
High System Concurrency
By using the latest Neural Network and Machine Learning technologies, the number of concurrency supported by a single server reaches up to 1:5.
Integrate Omni-channel Resources
Unified knowledge management and maintenance, which can be applied to all channels and equipped with a mature operation and maintenance module.
Safe and Reliable Operation
Adopt the latest Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP v2) and support to balance the working load.
Professional Implementation Capability
Determine whether it is necessary to connect to customers according to the confidence returned by the grammar to avoid wrong call transfer.
Application Values

The benefits of a bank after introducing

Xiao-i Smart IVR solution:

The benefits of a government service hotline

after introducing Smart IVR solution:

Note: The above data is based on the actual statistics from customer.

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