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Improve work efficiency by human-machine collaboration

Provide an Agile, Efficient,Secure and Easy-to-use Development Platform based on the foundational capabilities of Hua Zang LLM
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What is RPA?



A new type of human resource with AI intelligence and automation capability

RPA can mimic various interactions between human and applications, such as mouse click, keyboard input, page switching, and perform time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

After being armed with AI, they will further have the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing like humans, and can perform complex and intelligent tasks including image recognition, text recognition, semantic understanding and human-machine interaction.


Working scenarios in the future

RPA→Complete a large amount of work independently

What are the benefits of RPA?

Improved Productivity

Higher Accuracy

Higher Efficiency

Increased Compliance

Better Connectivity

Feel of Happiness

What are the development stages of RPA?

RPA will continue to expand its capablity with the increasing development of intelligentization level.

Ability to learn independently and adapt

Perceive the environment

Make decisions

Implementation plan

With Logic Processing Capabilities

(With Logical Rational System and Knowledge System)

Automatic Business Identification

Automatic Business Planning

Intelligent Business Decision

With AI Perception and Cognitive Processing Capability Driven by Data

(Combined with AI Technologies such as Computer Vision / Speech Recognition / Semantic Understanding)

Invoice Information Extraction

Legal Contract Verification

Anti-fraud Transaction Forecast

Chatbot Voice Assistant

With Basic Automated Execution Capabilities

Page Operation

Excel Processing

Data Crawling

Financial Verification

Application Secnarios

Smart Financial Employee

>Automatically Check General Ledger and Subsidiary Accounts

>Automatically Identify & Verify Invoice

>Automatically Check Expense Reimbursement Compliance

>Declare VAT by One Button

>Automatically Generate Financial Statements

Smart Finance Employee

>Automatically Review Commercial Loan Credit Records

>Automatic Monitoring and Prewarning of Anti Money-laundering

>Automatically Extract Personal Credit Information Reports

>Automatically Enter Insurance Documents

>Automatic Operation of Day-end Liquidation

Smart Customer Service

>Automatically Retrieve Customer Inquiry Information

>Automatically Classify & Track Customer Complaints

>Automatically Input & Update Customer Information

Smart HR

>Automatically Log in to Major Recruitment Websites to Post Positions

>Automatic Resumes Batch Download & Screening and Evaluation

>Automatic Summary Analysis of Employee Attendance Information

>Automatic Accounting of Employee Compensation

>Automatically Complete Background Survey of Candidates

Smart Manufacturing

>Automatic BOM Input & Generation

>Automatically Create & Manage Purchase Orders

>Automatic Inventory Data Monitoring & Feedback

>Automatic Logistics Tracking

>Automatic Maintenance of Supplier Master Data

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