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Xiao-i Interactive Digital Human

Cutting-edge Digital Human for Full-dimensional Services

Based on the metaverse platform and Xiao-i's technical advantages, we provide various industries with production capabilities and services from content to image, and create exclusive digital human and diverse worlds in a simple way. Start your metaverse journey right now.

Digital Human Production Platform


Comprehensive coverage of profile customization, voice generation, audio synthesis, intelligent broadcasting, intelligent Q&A, content production, etc.

Digital Human Screen


Virtual profile customization, voice customization, action customization, intelligent voice interaction, intelligent Q&A, multi-modal response, knowledge editing.

Please say "hello" to interrupt
Hello, I am Xiao-i, the Digital Human for government affairs , you can tell me the business you need to handle.
Hello How can I register for my nursing license?

Application Scenarios


Digital human have replicated various occupations in real life, and collaborate with people to make AI better serve human beings, and have now blossomed in the fields of government, finance, retail, cultural tourism, education, etc.


Digital Broadcaster

Government/Finance/Retail: Business Consulting & Guidance

Digital Teller

Government/Finance: Business Consultation & Processing

Digital Guide

Government/Finance/Retail: Off-line Guided Tour Service

Digital Interpreters

Greeting, Exhibition Explanation, Interaction

Digital Host

Retail / Cultural Travel: Virtual Host, Live Room Assistant

Digital Instructor

Staff training, Demonstrations, Teaching and Q&A

5G Video Digital Customer Service

Government 95, 12345 hotline

Digital Character

Metaverse scene building

Core Competency


Digital Human Creation

Support the adjustment of digital face and shape; Support digital human customization; Meet personalized requirements for digital human image

Multi-terminal and Cross-platform Display

Display interactive digital human in multiple terminals —mobile phones, computers and digital screens; Provide multi-platform sharing of digital content

Digital Human Broadcast

Support image selection, scene selection, sound selection and broadcast text input, and video effect design Enable rapid generation of broadcast video

Interactive Digital Human Creation

Build a corpus for digital human based on customer needs; Enable corpus uploading and editing and speech synthesis; Provide digital human intelligent Q&A capability

Business Cases


A Local Administration Service Hall
A Bank
Pain Points
  • Rapidly updated knowledge increases learning costs;
  • Highly standardized process specifications make it difficult to monitor work quality;
  • Simple business processes and high labor costs.
  • Xiao-i Digital Human developed for government affairs realizes the multi-modal interaction and guides users to the designated window for business with standard etiquette actions and continuous smiles.
  • Quick answers to general questions improve consulting efficiency;
  • Unified image reduces training and management costs for personnel and ensure high-quality services.
  • 24/7 Service
  • Instant Guidance
  • Quick Problem Solving
  • Customized Image

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