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Select information sources
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Leverage Ruilan to transform your ideas into a structured report outline, unleash the magic of creation, and achieve efficient content creation
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Actively explore 300+ industry materials, serving as your personal think tank and becoming an accelerator for your thought and decision-making processes
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Break free from the constraints of manual writing, letting AI's powerful capabilities transform into your market research reports, swiftly achieving high-quality research
In just 3 hours, an objective and professional industry
research report is immediately presented
Boost efficiency AI aids in decision-making insights
Efficiency revolution AI meticulously reads
through massive volumes of literature
With the help of Ruilan, use AI to deeply analyze and investigate documents, free up your time and accelerate the knowledge acquisition and decision-making process
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intelligent report tutoring
Using the report generated by Ruilan, quickly build industry insights, ensuring that each decision is based on in-depth analysis and highly relevant industry knowledge
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Industry Research Time 3 hours
Speed up industry research to enhance the quality of investment research reports
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