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Supported by Strong AI Capabilities

Six Core Technologies
Natural Language Processing
Intelligent Q&A
Text Mining
Reading Comprehension
Knowledge Representation
Semantic Search
Logical Reasoning
Computer Vision
Drawing Analysis
Defect Detecting
3D Reconstruction
3D Detecting
Video Analysis
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Active Learning
Affective Computing
Sentiment Analysis
Expression of Feelings
Speech Processing
Speech Recognition
Speech Synthesis
Voiceprint Recognition
Data Intelligence and Hyper Automation
Data Mining
Intelligent Recommendation
Hyper Automation
Data Cleaning
Model Training
Self-owned AI Model Training Platform
Data Annotations
Iteration Algorithm
Task Distribution
Usage Record
External AI Capability Scheduling Platform
Capabilities Integration
Capabilities Scheduling

1.Natural Language Processing

Xiao-i has the multilingual natural language processing capability with fully independent intellectual property rights, which covers the extraction, analysis, mining and reasoning capabilities of words, phrases, sentences, texts and other perspectives. It meets the diversified needs of enterprises and professional users in human-machine interaction, text mining, information extraction and knowledge construction.

Strengths:Self-own Intellectual Property Rights, Multi-language Handling, Accurate Understanding Ability

Scenarios:Knowledge Graph, Information Retrieval, Document Comparison

2.Speech Processing

Xiao-i uses the mixed structure of Time-Delay Neural Network (TDNN) + Deep Feed-Forward Sequential Memory Network (DFSMN) + Attention, combining with the rich corpus accumulation of the company for more than ten years, as well as end-to-end training of intelligent speech technology for application scenarios in various fields, to build intelligent voice solutions such as smart IVR navigation, smart outbound call, intelligent agent assistance, intelligent voice inspection and intelligent coach under the framework of AICC.

Strengths: High Recognition Rate, Natural Behavior on TTS, High Concurrency Capability, Localization Adaptation

Scenarios: IVR Navigation, Smart Outbound Call, Intelligent Agent Assistance, Intelligent Voice Inspection, and Intelligent Coach

3.Computer Vision

Xiao-i is capable of face recognition and analysis, multi-target tracking, human pose and action recognition and other common computer vision related capabilities, as well as semantic and entity segmentation and other scene analysis capabilities. In terms of OCR, Xiao-i has general recognition ability, as well as the ability to recognize all kinds of cards, certificates, bills and receipts. In the aspect of drawing analysis, Xiao-i has comprehensive application of pattern recognition and computer vision related ability, to make comprehensive analysis and processing of CAD drawings, to achieve the ability of specification of drawing inspections. In terms of engineering, the self-developed deep learning framework can be rapidly engineered, which can cut and compress the model according to the needs, and has ultra-high performance and the ability of transplantation and adaptation to various environments.

Strengths: Independent Intellectual Property Rights, On-Demand Customization

Scenarios: Customized OCR, Drawing Analysis, Defect Detecting, Monitoring Analysis

4.Machine Learning

Xiao-i comprehensively studies and masters all kinds of traditional machine learning and the latest deep learning, enhance learning, active learning, transfer learning, GAN and other machine learning methods. Xiao-i uses them in natural language processing, speech recognition, image recognition and analysis, and other basic areas. Combining with a huge amount of data and distributed processing algorithms, Xiao-i uses them in precise marketing, personalized recommendation, risk control and other business scenarios, to form an efficient human-machine collaborative learning system.

Strengths: Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Massive Data

Scenarios: Precision Marketing, Risk Control, Stock Prediction

5.Affective Computing

Deep learning technology is used to recognize, understand, process and simulate human emotions, realizing multi-modal affective computing ability in multiple dimensions such as text, speech and vision. It has built affective computing, analysis and interactive processing capabilities, which are capable of real-time perception, intelligent planning and automatic simulation and have been widely used in various practical business scenarios.

Strengths: Emotion Modeling, Self-Learning, Affective Interaction

Scenarios: Reception Robot, Service Robot, Companion Robot, Virtual Digital Human

6.Data Intelligence and Hyper Automation

Through large-scale machine learning technologies, dealing with a vast amount of data, analysis and mining, Xiao-i comprehensively integrates data assets, extracts the valuable information contained in the data, combining with process automation, low code and a variety of innovative technologies, to quickly identify, review and automatically execute various business processes, which effectively assist or replace manpower in automatically completing various tasks, from simple and repetitive ones to complex tasks under the AI and data enhancement, to reduce repetitive labor for employees and improve the quality of business processes and the effectiveness of business decisions.

Strengths: Customized Service, Automatic Execution, Flow Revising, Self-help Analysis, Real-time Data Sharing, Drag & Drop Operation

Scenarios: Data Monitoring, Data Analysis, User Profile, Business Flow Automation, Financial Business Automation, Supply Chain Business Automation, IT Operation Automation, Integration Automation