About Xiao-i

Xiao-i is a leading cognitive intelligence enterprise in China. Since its establishment in 2001, Xiao-i has been focusing on developing cognitive intelligence technologies based on its cutting-edge natural language processing and artificial intelligence (“AI”) implementation in businesses. Global IT consulting firm Gartner has regarded Xiao-i as a representative of conversational AI.

Hundreds of enterprises from various industries, including contact center, financial sector, government and healthcare, benefit from Xiao-i's smart customer service solutions and mature implementation system. The solutions and services largely leverage on the company’s smart interactive platform, smart voice platform, knowledge integration platform and other AI+ products. Xiao-i has been taking a leading role in terms of market share in various vertical industries, with more than 800 million end users.

("Xiao-i" is the brand name and trademark name of products and services provided by Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co., Ltd.)

20-year Journey of Developing Business Application of Cognitive Intelligence

  • Developing NLP-centric AI business application scenes


    Xiao-i was established in Shanghai

  • 2004

    Stepped into the field of AI and chatbot

    The chatbots on MSN and QQ served around 100 million end users; Became an international strategic partner of Microsoft
  • 2006

    Became a leader in smart government in China

    Launched the first Chinese smart bot for government units
  • 2008

    Initiated smart telecom service

  • 2011

    Realized smart public service

  • AI smart solutions move towards production of scale


    Smart service on WeChat

    Launched WeChat customer service bot for financial agencies including China Merchant Bank and China Construction Bank
  • 2014

    Business extended from smart customer service bot to smart knowledge base

    Launched smart knowledge base for China Mobile Guangdong and China Eastern Airlines
  • 2015

    Empowerment and AI ecosystem

    A complete cloud product system, including iBot Cloud and iBot OS, is ready to serve corporate clients with various needs
  • 2016

    Capable of empowering cities with AI

    Launched various smart city applications in Guiyang
  • Multi-modal, go platform and go global


    Launched deep semantic Chinese platform

    Solutions matrix and professional service system are offered
  • 2018-2019

    Launched APAC Headquarter in Hong Kong

    Covering AI+ call center, AI+ public service, AI+ finance, AI+ enterprise, etc.
  • 2020

    Partner with the Business Council of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

    As a leading AI enterprise in China, Xiao-i aims to empower Belt and Road countries and regions with technology