Open and Share: AI Empowerment

Xiao-i is promoting collaborations among industries based on various business applications. To meet diverse needs of governments, Large enterprises, SMEs and industry practitioners, Xiao-i has established professional platforms including Xiao-i Learning Platform and Bot Open Platform to better empower the society.

Xiao-i Learning Platform

Xiao-i Learning Platform is designed for AI talents including those in governments, enterprises, aiming to empower the practical deployment of the technology. Based on Xiao-i's 20-year experience in technology R&D and business application, the Platform also includes the academia and AI experts to tailor courses.

Course Outline

Teachers and Professionals

Special Consultant:

Domestic and foreign AI experts and professors in renowned universities are invited to share advanced AI technologies and mindsets.

Technology Experts:

In addition to Xiao-i' s professional team, lecturers from relevant fields are invited to talk about technologies and applications with real-world cases.

Practice Mentors:

Based on Xiao-i's business application experience and successful stories from governments and corporate clients, AI application experts provide analysis of benchmarking cases.


Open Course:

Short-term training courses and certified courses are held regularly and are openly enrolled.

Internal Training Course:

Tailored courses for enterprises and enterprises.


AI industry news and insights are shared in salons.

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With Bot Open Platform, the cost and threshold of AI technology are reduced. Small and medium-sized enterprises and developers are given the leading cognitive intelligence technology and application abilities. Launched at the end of 2016, the Platform has served thousands of enterprises, startups and developers.

Xiao-i has promoted several partnership programs since 2015. Along with the developing innovation power and the increasing application scale, we are committed to empowering industries with “AI+” and to creating a win-win AI era.