10 26
14 00


Keynote Speech


Announcements of Hua Zang Ecosystem Co-creation Achievements


Showcase of Iteration Capability of Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model


Reveal Hua Zang Ecosystem

Live Streaming Time
14:00-15:30pm, Thursday, October 26 Beijing Time

Hua Zang Ecosystem Achievements Release

Hua Zang Ecosystem Press Conference Teaser Trailer

Event Highlights Review

On June 29 2023, Xiao-i launched advanced large language model, Hua Zang. It features ‘controllable, customizable and deliverable’ solutions, which can seamlessly integrate into finance, public services, medical service, construction, education, e-commerce, logistics, cultural and tourism, media, 3C manufacturing, automotive, retail, and various business scenarios. As China’s Own ChatGPT, Xiao-i Hua Zang LLM covers rich domain corpora and hundreds of natural language processing capabilities to empower the global business ecosystem and advance commercial implementation.

Please join us on Oct. 26 for the Live Streaming Event!

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